Friday, July 1, 2011

Ready for the Weekend

I arrived home yesterday with much anticipation of what should be waiting for me upon arrival. It wasn't the wife or the dog that had me rushing home from three days on the road but the arrival of my new BVK 7wt rod and BVK reel from Temple Fork Outfitters that had me excited. The fit and finish on both items is a sight to see. Now I have played around with a fly fishing outfit in my earlier days but have never had a true fly rod and reel combination before today. My old fly rod consisted of a very inexpensive reel from who knows where and a spinning rod that I had it attached to. Don't get me wrong, I still caught fish on that thing but was never able to get the proper presentation and you just could not get it to cast very far so now you can see why there was so much excitement upon my arrival home. I will put the backing and the line on it tonight and go give it a try in the morning, wish me luck.
PS: I did pet the dog and I also took the wife out for dinner last night, so all is good.

Let er' fly,


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