Thursday, July 14, 2011

A day on the Guad

Went out today in the kayak after lunch to go sling the stick. Started out tossing a small popper and it seemed to be doing the trick as numerous fish were taken on it. There was a little flow today which caused some weeds and trash to gather up next to the bank where it was more productive. After tossing the popper I decided to tie on a Wooly Bugger and try and learn how to fish it. Kept casting it in the same places that I was throwing the popper with the only difference was letting it sink for a couple of seconds then strip it in slowly. Actually started catching fish more frequently with this set up and in no time I got accustomed to watching the line as it was falling to notice the strike. This lure helped out since there were a lot of small cruising bass that would not hit the popper but would attack the Wooly. I'm beginning to get a feel for the rod and have even been doing some roll casts with efficiency, still need to fish more to get better at it. Atleast that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it.

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  1. Strip, strip, strip... the important thing to remember is once a fish turns and heads towards the fly don't stop stripping. I know that sounds easy, but it isn't. Most people will stop stripping resulting in the fish losing interest.