Monday, May 13, 2013

Red Quest

Determined to catch Redfish on a fly rod this year. I set out to meet three friends along the Texas coast for a weekend of fishing. A cold front had passed through the area on Thursday and had the water a little off color from the rain and high winds.

We arrived Saturday and unloaded gear then prepped for an afternoon launch. Launching the kayaks we were met with strong winds and low waters.

Using the afternoon to explore and fish, we came across some reds in the low water but they were spooked. Seeing one cruising to my right, I laid a cast with a shrimp clouser in front of it's path and patiently waited as it approached. When it came close to the fly I made a short hop and started stripping it in only to have the red boil on it but missed hooking up. This would be the best chance that I had for the rest of the day due to the setting sun.

After a night of good food and laughs, we woke up to a wicked wind and decided to wait awhile before hitting the launch.

The wind finally died down (some) so we headed out to continue the search. The water was still low so we made the most of it by catching some small crabs and rigging them up and testing out the channel. This proved to provide some action as we managed to bring in a few fish.

I took my SUPerFISHal out the next morning and paddled the flats searching for reds. Saw a few but no takers but I did run across quite a few rays which put a reminder to slide my feet when wading.

Always a great time hanging out with friends, no matter what the fishing is like. I will catch a redfish on the fly soon.

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