Saturday, March 2, 2013


Had the chance to play around with a paddle board during the summer that I was doing a review on and found out that it was different but fun. During the winter, money was saved and a Jackson Kayak SUPerFISHal was ordered. Wednesday after work I drove to the dealer and picked up my new SUP.

As I headed back out of town, thoughts ran through my head of how this SUP should be rigged out. Upon arriving back home this afternoon I went ahead and added the two rod holders that come with it onto their Ram mounts and placed the K2 Cooler into the position it should be.

A few tie down straps will have to be added to keep the cooler more secure and I might add a drag chain to slow or stop the SUP when I need to. Guess a new SUP paddle will need to be saved for now.

I'll do a review on it as soon as some time is spent on the water fly fishing from it.


  1. Nice! How long is that Jackson? I would love to see what it can do on some of the water I fish. Let me know if you want to get out on Ray Roberts and chase carp with this boat, and we can do that once they are up. Shannon

  2. Shannon, sorry I missed this reply. It is 11'7" and 35" wide. Very stable.