Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cold Front Fishing in Rockport

After the trip we took to Aransas Pass in July, the three of us decided that we would meet again before Thanksgiving and give it another go. Soon, three became four and we headed South and met up in Copano Bay to spend four days of fishing and hanging out telling lies.

After unloading we made the short drive to Lighthouse Lakes and were greeted with a roaring wind. Soon we were on our way across the channel and into the lakes. It was cold and the water was up and moving. We fished hard and caught a few when the wind died some as darkness approached.

We reached the grocery store and gathered supplies needed for the next three days. Returning to the house Chuck began to prepare dinner for the night, chicken fried backstrap with pan gravy and mashed potatoes. We ate till we couldn't eat anymore and divided the rest that we would eat for lunch.

Friday morning started off the same. Alarm went off at 5am and walked outside only to be greeted with heavy winds and duck hunters. We gave them some space and proceeded to fish the channel on the other side of the highway. We didn't do any good but stuck it out until the afternoon hoping the wind would die down and we could hit the lakes again. Paddling to the lakes was a chore and you wondered to yourself if any ground was being made. 

Once again the wind slowed down and the fish seemed to turn on some. Wading and looking foe tails was a task so it was pretty much cast and hope. Soon we had a few and headed back for a night of food and listening to the high school  football playoffs going on.

Saturday we slept in until 7am and went out for breakfast. The whole time trying to fool the wind, figured if it thought we weren't going out then it would die down. Not working. Headed to Light House and decided to stay in there the whole day. The fishing again wasn't happening so we explored Mangrove trails and just kicked back taking in the sights of the massive amount of ducks moving through the area.

 Soon as the sun began to fall, I tied a popper on and found some tailing reds. Three massive explosions later and no fish hooked, they were blowing it out of the water. As it got darker I paddled back to the group and found Derek hooked up with his first redfish.

After cleaning the fish the pit was lit and we were soon eating grilled fish and potato chips.

A great time was had again. The fishing was not the greatest but the company of great friends made up for it. Looking forward to doing it again.

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