Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall on the Guad

Hearing rain drops tapping on the window took me by surprise. Wondering what the water looked like upon reaching the river was the second one of the morning. Stepping into the water as I waded to the dam with kayak in tow reminded me that the dog days of summer are over.

Not sure if it was the river turning over with the new season upon us, or the earlier storm that had the fishing slower than normal. Started the day out tossing a Zazzy Pop tight against the bank. I laughed out loud as the perch blew the popper out of the water only to be eaten by a small Guadalupe bass that was just bigger than the popper itself.

What I like about exploring this river is the beauty that is found around every bend. Whether the majestic Bald Cypress trees or the sight of fish as they dart through the rapids as the kayak crosses their path.

The last few trips the river has given up a bonus to me. Pound for pound I think the Rio is one of the hardest fighting fish that I have come across in freshwater. They sure put a bend in the fly rod.

Days like today also serve as a reminder of why I wear a PFD all of the time. It took one missed rock in the set of rapids to spin the kayak and flip without a chance to correct myself. Luckily I didn't lose anything on this day except for a little pride.

Hopefully around the next bend, on the next adventure I will get into some of the deeper pools that are known to hold some hefty smallmouth.

Until next time, be safe on and off the water.


  1. We need to hit the water together sometime.

    I might have to take a little road trip.

  2. It looks like a beautiful river to fish. I have to add it to my list!