Thursday, June 14, 2012

In search of SOLITUDE ( A Reel Story )

Hard to believe that almost a year ago my fly fishing adventure began. Although I feel like i've learned a lot at this point, there is still more knowledge to gain.
When starting to piece my gear together, a lot of discussion was had on reels. So much is said that a reel is only there to hold your line. That statement might be true when it comes to smaller species of fish but i've had quite a few large bass take me close to the backing before the use of the drag system on the reel tired them out.
When choosing my reel I searched for a quality one made in the USA. My search led me to a small company called Solitude Reels. Located in Seattle, they have been making a quality, proven reel that can withstand the rigors of fighting Steelhead had to be tough enough to handle anything that I could possibly throw at it, and it has.

The smoothness of the drag, which is made of a cork/teflon disk system really comes in handy when playing a large fish. Being type II anodized gives me the comfort of knowing that when I fish in saltwater it will be able to handle the elements. With the capability of changing the spool quickly, you are able to adapt to the conditions on the water easily.

Currently i'm using the Solitude 2 reels on a 4wt and 5wt rod. Soon I hope to add a Solitude 3 to put on an 8wt for use on larger fish as well as at the coast when pursuing redfish.     


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