Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scouting Trip 3-11-12

Did my first wet wading trip of the year. After two straight days of rain and 50 degree temperatures the sun came out today and yeilded some warm weather. Went to the upper Guadalupe river which is close to my house and made a scouting trip to see if any fish had returned now that there is water back in it after the drought we went through last year. The water was flowing nice and had a good chocolate color to it from the rain, the popper was chugging as I stripped it in and had a blow-up but missed the hookset. It would turn out to be the only action of the evening but it was nice to see that water had returned to a place I like to fish, now i'll have to wait for the fish to get back to it. I was able to break in my new Keen wet wading shoes and will tell you that it was nice not to have gravel in my shoes. They were comfortable and the traction was nice on the slick rocks, I only fell once.
Here is a picture from last year....

And the same area today.....


  1. I am glad to see there is some water again! Lets hope this summer isn't as dry as last year.

  2. The water level is great right now. Just need for some fish to make it back into the area.