Sunday, November 27, 2011

Avoiding the lines

Avoiding the temptation to stand in the long lines to save a few bucks, I launched the kayak as most people were waiting for that special deal. Gliding through the water you could lose yourself in the beauty of the changing scenery as winter approaches. With some of the trees starting to shed their leaves and the cypress needles starting to choke the waterway, it made for a rough day with the fly rod as more time was spent removing debris from the fly than fish. Numerous fish were caught on the day with the majority coming on an ant imitation fly, no pictures of bass were taken since every one of them went airborne and politely gave me back my fly. Water temperature is starting to drop as I didn't see any fish cruising around or hanging out in the shallows.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and look forward to the Christmas season.


  1. Another great story, you have a great way of brining your readers into the story..

  2. Thanks, I never really knew that I could be a story teller but glad you enjoy reading. The blog has been a lot of fun and i'm excited about the amount of people who read and follow it.