Monday, October 3, 2011

Protect your skin ( Product Reviews)

If you are like me, as you get older the need to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun becomes a lot more important. Since I kayak fish and wade, i'm a lot closer to the water which means I am even closer to the UV rays bouncing off the water. Sun screen has always burned my face so it doesn't get used and it wasn't used on my arms because I didn't like to get it on my hands due to touching lures. I figured that it would transfer to the lure and fish would react to it in a negative way.There are two kinds of shirts that I wear today when fishing. One is made by Columbia and what I like about it is the UV coating built into the shirt, it's ventilated and has plenty of pockets as well as being able to dry fast when wet. The other shirt I wear is a performance shirt by FINZOMINE extreme sports apparel company. Their shirts are extremely light and are UV protected and dry faster than any shirt that I own. Since I wear the long sleeve versions of both shirts as well as the Columbia fishing pants I have no problem on hot days of finding a spot to take a dip and get them wet in order to cool me off.
Now for face protection. I have started wearing BUFF's to protect my face and ears from the sun. They are UV protected, light, breathable and they look good. You can find them in all kind of fishing designs to fit your taste. You really can feel a difference since the sun is not reflecting off the water and back into my face while wearing these. Another thing that is nice is they offer one that will repel insects even after many washings. Recently I have started wearing their fishing gloves to protect my hands from the sun.
Almost forgot, wear a good pair of polorized glasses to protect your eyes. It is something a lot of people don't think about but is just as important.
Now you might think these are extreme measures but if it keeps me out of the doctors office i'm all for it.

Here are some of the items as well as links to their websites.

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