Saturday, July 16, 2011

Anniversary on the Guad

Today marks the twenty third year of my marriage. My brothers came in to spend the weekend with us and since the women and kids all went window shopping in Gruene for the day we went out on the Guad for a little fishing, swimming, and catching up on old times. My son also came in from college and decided to join in on the trip. We launched around eleven and drifted down to the only little set of falls in this section.The good thing about having four other people with me was that we spent an hour swimming in the pool under the falls looking for the two rods that I had lost in the spring when I flipped going over the falls. Guess someone else has beat me to them because we had no luck. Not many fish caught on the day due to all of the talking and story telling but it sure was a lot of fun. We were off the water and home by four, now it's time to put some food on the grill.

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