Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Browns, a ten year wait

It has been nearly 10 years since brown trout have been stocked in the Guadalupe river below the dam at canyon lake.
The first time I fished for them was a trip to Colorado years ago and what I remember was how aggressive they were and how hard they fought. On that trip everyone I caught came on a streamer stripped below the surface.

This was a beast caught in Colorado.

After the fish were stocked this month I waited a week to give them time to settle down and get adjusted to their new home.
Using a wooly bugger I started my pursuit. After numerous bites without a hookup I added an emerger about eight inches off the hook of the wooly and immediately had a hookup.

My first brown trout in texas had been landed and set free. The day ended with twenty one browns landed and all caught on streamers.

The color on these fish is just beautiful. Ive fished two other times since that day and had great results each time. Looking forward to see if they survive the summer and are there next winter.


  1. Just wow!
    Did you apply any filters to get that beautiful colors or did those actually look that spectacular in real life?
    Do you already know when you get back out there to check if they survived the winter? What's the current temperature like in Texas at the moment?

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  3. OH wow that is a good catch. I'm into fishing too and to have a catch like that is the best feeling for a fishing enthusiast like me. Thanks for sharing this great blog to your readers, i enjoy looking at the pictures.

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  4. Beautiful fish! Love the color and patterns here. Wishing for warmer weather so I can get back on the water!

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